3 ways to show out on Spring Break

It’s circled on your calendar.

Spring Break 2018, the time for sun and a drink with an umbrella sticking out it. The beaches are packed and it’s a pretty darn good time to put on the bathing suit.

For some, Spring break is bittersweet. As exciting as time off and relaxation can be, it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you can’t jump in the pool and truly soak up the sun. Maybe you’re embarrassed about your body, but this is your chance. It’s just far enough away to give you time to realistically make changes. It’s time to set yourself up for an opportunity to make this Spring Break a great time where people are complimenting your tan when you go back to work.

But, it’s February and people are dropping like flies.


It’s early in the new year, but very likely that many resolutions have failed and new gym members have returned to their old ways. We’ve discussed this in depth here that this year is not that type of year. This is the one where you constantly set sights on your goals and then kick the door in. Week by week, pounds are lost and clothes are looser until you say, “Wow I did that”. Spring break is the next target. Get ready to kick that metaphorical door in like..

kick in door

Imagine you’re on a beach with some sun, a cold drink, and pride for the work you’ve put in. What would that mean to you? How much effort are you willing to give for that?

I want you to get there. I hope everyone reading this is able to, because you are truly capable. It just takes a willingness to show up and an unwillingness to give into the voice in your head saying you should stop. Nothing extraordinary ever happens until you step out of the comfort zone.

Take Home Message:

  • Continuously check up on the daily workouts posted on instagram @AthleticAgain to push yourself into reaching the next goal.
  • Reach out to friends or family that share your goal to get healthier, look good, and feel great.
  • Find out why your goals fell short and how you could avoid that this month.
  • Take ownership over your own life and get to work on it. Nobody is going to hand it to you.

Thanks for stopping by and if this article helped get you back on track, comment below or share so it can benefit someone else!



Published by strengthcoach7

Graduated from Florida State University with a Masters in Sports Sciences. Strength and conditioning coach, Sports Scientist, and passion to help people find their athleticism.

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