Beach Body program is underway

We are 12 workouts into the Beach Body-ready program. This program is focused on building muscle groups you need to look great at the beach.

But, just as with anything else…. the devil is in the details.

What we need to discuss is more than just sets and reps or what types of exercises go where. Any program you get does nothing without the right execution.

Truthfully, this program could be described as high volumes and compound movements with a few isolation movements. But, even with lots of volume you may not gain much muscle if:

  • A) You don’t recover well
  • B) You don’t take your nutrition serious
  • C) You don’t stretch and do your cardio work

This is important to mention now because I want you to take responsibility over the extra work. You’re going to need to learn how to actively work at your recovery. You are going to need to pay attention to what you eat and also find a way to log your food. Lastly, with the amount of work done in the gym you need to learn how to stretch consistently and work in extra cardio to help lose body fat.

3 things to know going forward:

  1. You are going to be sore

jim carrey

Soreness is a part of the deal. Yes, it can be tough getting through the work day when your quads are crushed. Nobody said that it was going to be easy. Soreness is definitely not a guarantee, however, as we are not training to crush our legs and feel terrible. Anyone who deliberately sets out to trash their body in the gym doesn’t understand the concept of growth and long-term success. You can push yourself in that way for a short time, but it will catch up. Deal with the soreness while it lasts, but as you get more trained you will start to notice that there is less soreness with exercise. We need the muscle damage in order to grow stronger so take it like a champ.

2.   Not everyone is going to like working out like you do

disapproving friends

Once you make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, you will start to notice some of your friends that are not so into fitness. They are still your friends, so don’t act like you’re better than them just because you spend time exercising. In fact, you could possibly be the reason THEY get into exercising again. If you lead by example and not by criticism and chastising you could end up making an impact in your friend’s life. Your friends will want to drink beers and eat pizzas, cheer them on and support them while choosing a healthier option at their favorite restaurant. In the end, friends matter and we can’t shut them out just because they aren’t the fittest people on earth.

3.   We want to plan a trip to the beach


This whole program is set up for the beach. Imagine yourself walking down the beach in a bathing suit with all the confidence in the world. This confidence is due to the hard work you are going to put in and the time sacrificed for that walk. So, in order to know where you want to go we need to plan. Set a date, plan the trip, buy the swimsuit and invite your friends too. Making a trip will put more pressure on you to not skip out on workouts and motivate you to put in the effort you need.

It’s more than just a beach trip, it’s a goal that we are setting for ourselves to reach.

Action Plan:

  • Set your date, call your friends, make arrangements
  • Follow workouts each day along with some bonus cardio
  • Eat extremely well for this time period and only allow few cheat meals
  • Remember to stretch throughout the process to avoid losses in range of motion
  • Buy yourself a swim suit
  • Purchase a nice fruity umbrella drink at the beach and toast to some seriously hard work and great effort once you get there.




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Graduated from Florida State University with a Masters in Sports Sciences. Strength and conditioning coach, Sports Scientist, and passion to help people find their athleticism.

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