Where a young athlete should begin

3 parts As I can recall going into high school, I had a lot to think about that didn’t include playing sports. Yet, playing sports ended up taking up most of my time throughout high school. But when you are a young athlete and your plate keeps growing, it’s important to simplify in order toContinue reading “Where a young athlete should begin”

Training your body as a system rather than components

For the past 6 years, I have spent hours and hours each day reading research, writing papers for professors, and watching athletes work towards their goal of improving performance. I’ve learned from some wonderful people and read books by people much smarter than myself. But with the amount of work I have devoted to theContinue reading “Training your body as a system rather than components”

Strength tips for long legged lifters

To long-limbed, string bean athlete, Learning lessons When I hit 16, my legs got longer and everything I knew about coordination and athleticism started to leave me. Suddenly, kitchen counters were much closer than they appeared and I remember running into the corner of the hallway so many times because my shoulders were broader andContinue reading “Strength tips for long legged lifters”

How to decide which personal trainer is right for your child

What can parents do? Well first, talk to people and try to find out if it’s possible that there is a qualified personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach in the area. Ask the athlete’s sport coach what are his or her thoughts on getting your child someone that can help develop them physically. ChancesContinue reading “How to decide which personal trainer is right for your child”

Should young athletes lift weights? Part 1-The support system

This topic has been around ever since I can remember. The cautious parent worried that weight training early on will “stunt growth” or “cause injury” to their baby. From the outside looking in, this makes sense because weights are heavy and their child is only a teenager with lots of life ahead of them. ButContinue reading “Should young athletes lift weights? Part 1-The support system”

Why should you hire me?

I have been educated on the body, the movements, the way it should be. Yet, everyday, I am reminded that exercising the body is something that is constantly overlooked. The question I keeping asking myself is “Is there really a “best” way to do things?”. Any educated person in strength and conditioning would say absolutely.Continue reading “Why should you hire me?”

What is “strength” in Strength & Conditioning?

Define strength. Depending on who you are, what education you have, or what type of training you do has everything to do with the answer to that question. In school you’re taught strength to be one specific answer that is definable by the textbook you’re working all semester to pay off. That textbook costs soContinue reading “What is “strength” in Strength & Conditioning?”

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