Saturday’s are for you too

Saturday morning is one of my favorite times.

I love it.
Especially in the fall when the temperature drops and football is on all day. Even though we all love plopping on the couch and doing nothing, Saturday’s are a great opportunity to build better habits and routines.
Mondays are catch up days at work, the middle of the week are the “get me to Friday” type of days, and Friday is the “sprint out of the door” day. It’s so easy to get robotic and feel like groundhog’s day when you work the same job over and over. Your routine may have been the same two years and you may not have even reflected on that. Add children, responsibility, and physical activity into the mix and you will wake up a few years later without knowing what happened. That’s why this is so important. Set aside time for yourself to be in the present.
I’ve recently been reading James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and have enjoyed it thus far. It’s the type of book that has me nodding along in agreement with the points he makes. Without spoiling, you want to make sure you feed the habits that are productive for your life and starve the ones that have a negative impact. If you run through the week with your head down and don’t have any time to reflect, you may end up on autopilot unaware of the damage until it’s too late
Try spending 10 minutes each Saturday either mentally reflecting on things that you need to do to be successful for the upcoming week or by writing your goals for the week down on paper and checking them before you go to bed each night.
If you go to bed and see you didn’t meet your expectations for the day, ask yourself why? Not only is the why important to know, but it’s important in finding out how to avoid it for the next day.
If you have a goal to be more social at work, look back and think if you’re habits and routine are making that a reality. If you haven’t lost any weight in 2 weeks but you’ve been eating like crap the past week because of stress or the lack of time, circle it and make sure it’s your priority in the upcoming week.
I’m not perfect at it, but it’s helped me a lot and I know that 10 minutes can go a long way when you’re feeling a lot of stress. 

Try it out and leave your comments below on how it goes!


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Graduated from Florida State University with a Masters in Sports Sciences. Strength and conditioning coach, Sports Scientist, and passion to help people find their athleticism.

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