Nutrition tip of the week

Nutrition is a topic that makes most people getting back into fitness cringe. So I’ll keep it quick.

“I know what you mean, I’ve tried eating healthy and had grilled chicken and broccoli for a whole month. I stopped because I just couldn’t keep eating that stuff, it was so bland”.

That’s an actual quote from a client I’ve had in the past. And actually, it’s probably something a lot of you were thinking if not tried already. I will drill the point home with every post and every chance I get. You want to make small, slow adjustments that will allow you to make a long lasting change and be consistent until December. This applies to both training your body and the things you eat or drink. Most people do a good job in January at putting forth some kind of effort physically. It’s typically nutrition that is slows us down and steers us off the path. We force ourself to chew up tasteless food because we think it’s helping us to get healthy again. I literally just saw a pizza chain is doing 50% off online orders for the next few weeks, if you force yourself to eat plain grilled chicken you will be getting a hot and ready by the end of the weekend. Now, if you just read that and thought, “Man, I am going to have to check that pizza deal out”, we have work to do. And if you read that and thought, “I’m crushing pizza tonight”, we may need to push the panic button.

I want to keep this short and sweet because the word “nutrition” already makes people’s eyes glazed over. And we want to avoid glazed things at all costs for the time being right? My quick and easy tip to improve your daily/weekly routine a little bit and give you the most bang for your buck is simple.

TIP- ****Add avocados to your routine****

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, avocados have become a huge thing. Actually, avocados have become so popular that even people living under rocks might have started eating them.

But what’s all the fuss really about?

There’s a good chance that you’ve been eating avocado and not even really looked into the benefits. The common response I get when I ask people why they include it in their diet is because it’s a “healthy fat”. Well, that part is true. And fat is a very necessary part our diet that we can’t afford to leave out, even when your trying to lose weight. But let’s take a deeper look at all the positives to throwing a little avo’ on your next sammy or salad.


Avocados include:

  • 20 different vitamins and minerals
  • Have more potassium than bananas (Fun fact)
  • Lots of fibers (very important thing to look for in your food)
  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Help reduce symptoms of arthritis

Another cool fact plays off the fact that avocados help you absorb your nutrients from plant based foods better. It helps that most of the time avocados are put into your salad, making you absorb the greens even better. Pretty long list of reasons why you should start adding it asap.

Final thought

We’re trying to make small, incremental changes that we can easily insert into the routine we already have in place. I’m not asking you to stop everything, I’m asking you to add some physical activity and now throw avocados. So try to grab a few avocados the next time you head to the grocery store (make sure they are ripe) and enjoy. There are many ways to enjoy whether it’s on a sandwich, salad, or even making homemade guac.

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